Rachel Wilcox



In her current work, Rachel Wilcox is exploring the impact of routine passages through the urban world.

"The city is a source of constant inspiration for me, whether it is filled with people or seemingly void of life. The way things are built, how the city is organized and where the people go are all things that I explore in my work.

City life can be an overwhelming barrage of sights and sounds and to compensate, it is common to become desensitized. We move as if on autopilot and our awareness can switch from heightened to trance-like in an instant. The way in which people interact with each other in this complexity of city life is a subject that I find completely fascinating."

In addition, much of Rachel’s work revolves around the local architecture and culture of the beach communities near her home. Tourist season, beach cottages and the ever changing scenery in the name of urban development are common themes.

Born and raised in Haverhill, MA, Rachel graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1998. She is also the creator and designer of The Wonderland Studio, an online shop which makes kinetic mobiles for children and adults alike. 

Rachel maintains a studio space on the Massachusetts North Shore, which is also a wonderful napping spot for her sidekick and best friend, Elsa, the beagle. Follow along on Instagram to see their daily adventures and most current work.


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